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. so that when the british soldiers ended up in southern england after the evacuation they really only had uniforms on the back. >> when did that evacuation take place? >> it was late may, and finished -- >> late may of 1940? >> the first couple days of june. by the second of june it was virtually over. >> the couple of weeks into the invasion of france, it was over? >> the french, a lot of the french military felt that they had lost the battle for their country by this time. it actually went on for another several weeks, because the germans had to fit their tanks tanks and align themselves and pushed them towards paris. they hadn't at this point comfort of paris, but the french did the best they could. but at this point, the writing was certainly on the wall. france had to drop out of the war. i think it was june 22. so the evacuation was over i the second of june. there was really another two or three weeks to go in france. >> so how do that evacuation from dunkirk take place? what happened to? >> as i said, the german plan worked very, very well. themselves at how quickly things hap
of new england. tom kierein now is tracking that storm. good morning to you. >> a near miss for us thankfully, because it is a powerful coastal storm, almost like a hurricane. in fact, it had hurricane force winds yesterday afternoon. and now it's just sort of stalled out and spinning away here, just south of nantucket. and they're still getting bands of heavy snow from maine all the way down to massachusetts and into western connecticut. this part of central western connecticut, the areas that have the most snow, up to a foot of the wind-driven heavy snow. still snowing in long island. along new york city, they had up to six to seven inches of snow as well as much of new jersey. and now locally on our radar, we had just a few areas of some flurries, a little bit of sleet activity, some sprinkles. that's pretty much ended, just getting a sprinkle here, northeastern maryland. south of salisbury getting a few flurries now, and temperatures are above freezing thankfully. but it is cold. upper 30s, wind gusting to around 15 miles an hour will increase during the afternoon, gusting 25 t
: the storm hit new england just as hard. severe weather caused major airports in boston and connecticut to experience long delays. some airlines even cancelled flights. schools shut down, the coast guard warned boaters to stay in port. one fishing vessel sank its crew had to be rescued. >> farther inland the snow meat commuting miserable to impossible in many areas. residents will be digging out for days to come. so far this storm has been responsible for five deaths and residents in the east are bracing for more. the official start of winter is still 10 days away. >> in 1960 the northeast saw one of its worse storm ever, hurricane donna. donna held the record for sustained winds above 115-miles- an-hour for nine days. hurricane donna killed at least 364 people and caused what would be in today's numbers $368 million. newsreels chronicled the destruction. >> reporter: hurricane donna splashes up from the caribbean. already the killer of 125 persons. roars north up florida's gulf coast from fort myers to st. petersburg. off the west donna swirling through the central portion of the state
at the u.n.. >> if the prime minister wants to send a clear message to scotland and england belong together shouldn't he be doing his best to make sure the principal road from london is not going to come back? >> my friend makes a very attractive bid for the statement and the chancellor is not here but i'm sure other treasury colleagues have been listening closely. >> the prime minister claims universal credit will bring about the most fundamental and radical changes. given the government's propensity for this can he guarantee that the universal credit will be interested in april 24th and not delayed? >> universal credit is a good reform and it was welcomed across the house because it will put in place proper work incentives for people at all levels of income and also highly progressive in channeling money to those who needed the most. the universal credit is on time and on budget and we are going to be having not pilot speech starting shortly. >> robert butler. >> the person responsible for the murder of becky edward whose mother is one of my constituents of not been brought to justice bec
candidate in what they called a smart regimen in england. it actually first started in the american colonies in the 1750s during the french and indian war and they wanted to bring in some columnists who knew something about the landscape and who could help about the indians and the french. of course, when the american revolution came, in 1941 when the british were desperate to get the united states involved in the war, the few great minds in england, such as the prime minister, and even, had done what they could to make arrangements to bring what would be 18 americans to join them. another fellow from harvard would be two of the first to join. now, that night, he tried to convince him and they talked over the pros and cons. by the end of the evening when my uncle went back to cambridge, he had made up his mind for sure that charles mclean wasn't quite so sure what he would do. but he headed back to talk about the ideas with some of his close friends who were very committed interventionist leaders of the interventionists movement at dartmouth. to start, i would like to read a little bit about
schools in new england. i knew he had done very well. she kept his trophies in the dining room and one of them was known modestly as the best metal for a outstanding diligence and virtue which he had won in his senior year. from family stories i knew he had been killed in tunisia and he had gone ahead of america as a whole. i grew up and became a journalist and raised 11 testing questions about the war and its value. as i say i became a journalist and about six years ago i was casting around for a book idea and it occurred to be maybe i should just poke around little and see what i could learn about my uncle. was he as heroic as he looked to me as a child. so i did. i got in touch. the first person i got in touch with positive family friend charles mclean who was a retired professor and to my astonishment i discovered that he actually spent the day with my uncle on the day that he decided to go to format. was may 31st, 1931. they were both seniors in college. my uncle at harvard and charles mcclain at dartmouth. they met at st. paul for what was the rather important equivalent of what
and the core of this storm impact in new england. it is winding down for new jersey and us as well. we will see clearing skies today. a chilly start. not terrible. high pressure will be moving in today. these guys will be clearing out. it still will be breezy and " what is in the lower to middle 50's today. it is time for traffic. >> not too much roadwork. 270 lanes open through silver spring. taking a look off in the distance heading across the bay bridge. mid-60's's at the bay bridge. we have an interstate on -- an incident on interstate 95. a box truck is rolled over on its side. the left side of the roadway is blocked. we will keep a close watch on it for you. >> thank you some much. it is 4:32. parts of new york and new jersey still trying to recover from hurricane sandy. it brought rain and a lot of snow. >> that left thousands in the dark. >> the northeast had just begun recovering from super storm sandy and now this. heavy snowfall on top of the destruction. >> this is like insult to injury. >> the storm is dropping sleet and rain with wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour and the falling
putting a little bit of winter weather through northern new england. under a clear sky a cold night that will end up with a frosty start. by midnight we're in the mid to upper 30s but a big warmup on tap. we got the details in a few minutes. >> first, it was the utility workers hiding north to help get the lights back on after superstorm sandy. now that people have power back on, a lot of the focus is to communication needs. this morning a caravan of 30 trucks left for perryville and headed to new jersey. >> we're expecting to see a lot of poles down, a lot of cables down. snow from the nor'easter. the road conditions may be tough, but these folks are built to hand this. >> verizon officials said the company is sending more than 600 technicians north. >>> well, 18 years from right now in the year 2030, she will be able it vote for the next president. from the campaign trail to not making it on the trail to the hospital, this early voter didn't have to stand in line at all. in fact, she beat polls by four hours and still got elected hams the cutest baby delivered by engine 106789 she
getting hammered. >> hurricane force winds in southern new england. the winds are still blowing 60 miles an hour in some areas. all that area in white is snow. the snow had just ended now in new jersey and in new york city. still snowing hard on long island into new england. many places in connecticut have nearly a foot of heavy, wet snow. it has been wind-driven. for us, reagan national, we had a little bit of flurry and sleet activity from about 10:00 last night until 1:00, 2:00 this morning. now all of that has pretty much ended. although we still have a few scattered sprinkles in prince george's county. now it's changed back to some sprinkles. a few of those scattered spri s sprinkles will be with us the next few hours. well above freezing, as we anticipated that the impact would be very small for us. it's just in the upper 30s to 40 all across northern virginia into maryland. a few isolated spots have dipped down to near freezing. should not have any travel problems here locally this morning. just a few flurries this morning. cloudy still around noontime. during the afternoon, ough
were celebrate to get the united states involved in the war, a few great minds in england such as the farm minister had done what they could to make arrangement what would ultimately be 18 americans to joint kipping's royal rifle corp.. my uncle and another fellow from harvard would be two of the first to join. now that night when he was spending the evening with charles mcclain, he tried to convince mcclean to go win him. by the end of the evening when my uncle went back to came bridge. he made up his mind to go. charles wasn't sure what he would do. he headed back to dart mouth to talk over the idea with some of his close friends who were committed interventionist leaders of the interventionist movement at dart mouth. to start i'd like to read a little bit what happened that night as charles left my uncle in new hampshire, and a little bit about what happened almost 70 years later, when i met with charles in his small room in han overas a much older man. excited, mcclain raced through the dark back and the solid brooke honor society house besides the village green. locat
, a forerunner in the great romantic movement. still, the longer his self-imposed exile in england, the greater his loneliness. his children were his models. the commissions continued. but his greatest masterpieces were painted while memory and imagination were fresh. ( drumbeats, lively trumpet notes ) in his isolation in england, copley worked harder to be america's first great painter. "poor america," he wrote, "yet certain i am she will finally emerge from her present calamity and become a mighty empire. and it is a pleasing reflection that i shall stand amongst the first of the artists that shall have led the country to the knowledge and cultivation of the fine arts." narrator: ...yet george catlin had a grander dream: he was an artist in search of a cause. ( native chanting ) 1824: an indian delegation on its way to washington visited philadelphia. dazzled by their colors, george catlin wrote, "after ty took the leave, i was left to reflect. the history and customs of such a people, preserved by pictorial illustration, are themes worthy of the lifetime of one man. and nothing, short of th
in long island and much of new england up to a foot of heavy wet snow in parts of central and western connecticut. and it's still snowing there. the storm center is circulating, just south of nantucket. here is nantucket. here's cape cod. and it is showing some trends that it's weakening a little bit as it's traveling just about due north, so they're going to continue to get snow, wind, and rain in new england. for us locally, we've had a few scattered sprinkles, a little bit of flurry in the sleet activity in the last few hours, but that's ended a couple hours ago. but getting still a few sprinkles, maybe a little bit of wet snow. it's cold out of the mountains, below freezing there. but in maryland, virginia, the district, we're around 40 degrees and we'll stay that way for another few hours, just a small chance or a sprinkle or flurry. chilly and breezy by noontime. afternoon highs mid to upper 40s, to low 50s by mid afternoon. and a blustery wind. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. first 4 traffic this thursday morning with danella. >> traveling 66 eastbound, had a c
, really the archetype of the spartan, episcopalian boys' boarding schools in new england. i knew he'd done very well there. she kept his trophies in the dining room, and one of them was known as the modestly as the best boy medal for outstanding diligence and virtue which he had won his senior year. from family stories i knew that he had been killed in tunisia in 1943. i knew that he'd fought for the british, not the americans, and i knew he had gone ahead of america as a whole. well, i grew up, i became a journalist, i lived through the war in vietnam which raised a lot of interesting questions about war and its value. i had a, as i say, i became a journalist, and about six years ago i was casting around for a book idea, and it occurred to me maybe i should just poke around a little and see what i can learn about my uncle. was he really as heroic as he had looked to me when i was a child? so i did. i got in touch, the first person i got in touch with was an old family friend named charles mclean who was a retired professor at dartmouth, and to my astonishment, i discovered that he had act
, it is still prevalent in parts of england. the eu has banned vaccination because it is difficult to tell the difference between an infected and a vaccinated cow. english farmers have to call or slaughter thousands of cattle every year. the government has settled on a controversial plan -- kill the badgers that are blamed for spreading the disease into english counties. in doing so, it revealed just how many badger lovers there are in england. >> the call of a badger. for now, the animals remain in the safety of their assets. the sound is coming from one of his videos. but the former policeman knows the threat that may loom in clashed assert at night -- gloucestershire at night. >> we have been studying the badgers in the belly for the last 25, 28 years and taking hundreds of people to see them. they are beautiful animals, you can see. they are a protected species. there's no way that i would want to see good, healthy badger's shot by marksmen and just leave them to die, possibly under ground, badly injured, died a long, lingering death underground. >> it is an essential part of efforts b
to scotland and england belong together shouldn't he be doing his best to make sure the principal road from london is not going to come back? >> my friend makes a very attractive bid for the statement and the chancellor is not here but i'm sure other treasury colleagues have been listening closely. >> the prime minister claims universal credit will bring about the most fundamental and radical changes. given the government's propensity for this can he guarantee that the universal credit will be interested in april 24th and not delayed? >> universal credit is a good reform and it was welcomed across the house becauset will put in place proper work incentives for people at all levels of income and also highly progressive in channeling money to those who needed the most. the universal credit is on time and on budget and we are going to be having not pilot speech starting shortly. >> robert butler. >> the person responsible for the murder of becky edward whose mother is one of my constituents of not been brought to justice because incriminating evidence was excluded as part of the court process.
. >>> northern england is preparing for possible flooding as the heavy rains that flooded the southern part of the country move north. today, more than 500 flood alerts went out in england and wales. rain in southwest england flooded more thannel00 homes and killed at least two -- than 800 homes and killed at least two people. >>> we're getting right side for a lot of rain coming our way, right? >> it's going to get wet. it's going to start wednesday and at the moment there's no end in sight, at least through saturday. the good thing is it's going to be on again, off again. we'll set it all out for you. outside, we had dense fog advisories post they had morning through 9:00. we still have low overcast on the golden gate bridge. 64 and sunny in san jose and if you're away from the bay, you're wondering what all the shouting is about because plenty of sunshine out there. but things are going to be changing. already the national weather service out of sacramento has issued a flood watch beginning on wednesday morning for such of the sacramento valley, many of the northern mountains, mud and de
as the next head of the bank of england. press reports suggest the eu is set to approve hutchinson as purchase of orange austria. we'll take a look at the competitive landscape in the telecom industry and what it means for consumers. also can the u.s. housing market continue along the long an winding road to recovery? we'll cross over to new york for analysis ahead of today's case shiller index. and some investors are make money out of art. . we'll speak with a columbian artist about making a political statement using bank notes. >>> bank of canada governor mark carney says he's honored to accept the role as head of the bank of england. george osbourne made the announcement in parliament describing carney, who is also head of the financial stability board, as the outstanding banker of his generation. >> i can tell parliament and the public that the next governor of the bank of england is to be mark carney. he's currently governor of the central bank of canada and chair of the world's financial stability board. he is the best, most experienced and most qualified person in the world it to be the
jersey, parts of long island, especially when you getaway from the coast here and new england going to see some snow but just not going to happen. here is a look at the day planner for the afternoon. it's cloudy and cold and it's a little breezy. we've got gusts offshore rehoboth at 40 miles per hour. blowing north at 12 right now as temperatures drop off. actually made it to 45 for the last half hour. that will be the high for the day. falling now to 44. periods of sprinkles and flurries and wet snow especially east and northeast of town. brisk northerly wind and windchills will be a factor and tonight only dropping into the low to mid-30s. when you see this thing cranking off the coast here, the center there. now the only thing that may give us a little bit of rain or snow shower activity a little upper storm right here sort of twisting here. that's drawing the moisture back to the west and that's why we've good the cloudiness and may just see a little bit but you got to be up in baltimore to see it. look at this doppler image here. you can see the rain along the coast. there's so
. umbrellas are needed in new england down through the mid-atlantic this morning. you'll carry it home as the rain will be long gone. i-95, between washington, baltimore, trenton, new york city, even lower portions of the hudson valley and new england, the rain is moving in. this shield of light rain. nothing too intense with it but just enough that you will need the windshield wipers. a wider view shows it goes into the the adirondacks, new hampshire, vermont. the forecast is going to call for that front to kick off the east coast during the day today. temperatures will plummet as a warm, beautiful day yesterday. the cold air in the heart of the country will spill to the east coast. no big storms behind this. we're really dealing with temperatures that are chilly from minneapolis to denver. with sunshine, it will be pretty manageable. 40 in chicago, 55 in kansas city, not bad in texas. as i mentioned on the east coast, rain this morning and this afternoon looks okay. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the rain outside your window. cincinnati, ohio, brisk, co
. bradley wiggins, and the north of england. wiggins, a strong campaigner for bicycle safety and bicycle helmets was taken to the hospital but his injuries are not thought to be serious. he is expected to make a series -- speak recovery. the person who works near the scene described what she saw. >> very unsettled. even that sloan speed -- obviously bradley was a -- is a world champion and he would have been going at speed. both of them hitting each other would cause a lot of pain for him. it was mainly his ribs more than anything -- he was holding his ribs. his breathing was not the best obviously. and his color did change quite a lot -- he did go quite pale, as slightly light blue really. >> which does not sound good. but he is going to be ok, we understand. still to come on "gmt," barely a week after super storm sandy, thousands of homes plunged back into darkness with a fresh storm hitting the east coast. almost 50 people killed and many more missing after a strong earthquake off of guatemala's pacific coast. the number of deaths is likely to rise as emergency workers came through th
out to sea impacting northern new england. the good news for us is this, quiet weather pattern. clear skies, high pressure building in. we're going to shift in the winds. this is going to help push temperatures back up to finally normal levels over the weekend. normally 60 or so, typical for this part of early november. we haven't been anywhere close. we've been 10, 15 degrees colder. so that's good. and sunshine's going to dominate right into your saturday. the warmer hair to the south -- air to the south. we finally broke out of the 40s. chilly tonight, below freezing. the warm surge will build in tomorrow and should make the mid-50s. warmer conditions beginning to build in toward saturday, sunday and veterans day monday. good news for all the veterans day parade last we salute our heroes on a monday. still wraparound snow coming into places like new hampshire and maifnlt the center of circulation off cape cod. really hard to compare and relatively unimpressive, just insult to injury for our friends up north. 30 tonight, not as windy in the morning. yes, a cold morning but 55 tomorr
the gulf coast and also down along the new england coastline. that's where we're going to see the worst damage from the winds. i think areas of long island could see some winds gusting possibly up to 50 to 70 miles per hour. we're also going to continue areas of possibly new england looking at winter weather advisori advisories. we could get snow out of this. even areas around philadelphia is under a winter storm warning. expecting five inches of snow. i expect the airports later today from philadelphia to new york city, especially think afternoon to probably be closed. they already have hundreds of flights canceled in those areas. so a lot of people that live along the coast in new jersey and also through central jersey and southern new england, be prepared. you're going to go to work today. it will be just fine. when people come home, it will be heavy wet snow, sleet, and strong winds. it's not a fun day to be traveling anywhere in this region that is devastated by sandy. >> you look at the path of that thing, there are people still digging throughout rubble of their homes that are in
giants outbreak. several warnings about the new england compounding center were sent from the state of colorado. they dealt with the company allegedly violating its license. records show the warping were made as early as july 2011 the warnings were made as early as july -- records show the warnings were made as early as july 2011. ly 2011. >>> we'll have more on the d.c. united game when we come back. it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. i'm drinkin' a dunkin' latte. i'm in love with my dunkin' latte. it is a treat. they're packed with flavor. it's my kind of latte. try the simply delicious latte everyone can enjoy. america runs on dunkin'! >>> fans for the mls playoffs forced to change. officials decided to postpone the game until tonight because of the nor'easter. last week, a game between the two teams had to be moved to rfk because of the superstorm. >> that is awesome. th
in 56 days at the new england ship corporation in south portland, maine and launched june of 1943, the o'brien is 441 feet long with a 57 foot beam. she is powered by a three cylinder, steam reciprocating engine that generates 2500 shaft horse power. the engine that was used and seen in the movie, "titanic". she travels 10 knots. the obrian was named in the national defense in our own sasoon bay. in the 1970's, the idea of preserving the ship began to develop and the ship was put aside for preservation instead of being sold or scrapped. in the mid- 1978's, the memorial was formed to restore the obrian and the first of thousands of hours of work to resurrect the ship from her preserved limbo. she was the last ship in the moth ball fleet. after months of preparation including the cleaning and testing of machinery and systems, the ship left the fleet, the only vessel to do so of her own power. please rises and salute the u.s.s. jeremiah o'brien. thank you. >> the ship then moved to fort mason from the san francisco waterfront to the west of fisherman's wharf. she became dedicated to the shi
's in new england. -- low to mid 40's in new england. the temperatures of today, a high of 58 for us. those brave little below average, but just to the west, a few communities are hitting above-average temperatures. tomorrow, a few degrees above average. on sunday and monday, a few more. by the middle of next week, we will be back where we should be temperature-wise for the middle of november. high pressure really protecting this and locking in place all the clouds keeping the adverse weather our way. there is a northern component to the wind which is how this is relatively cool on the east coast. the wind direction will turn to the south, southwest which will slowly warm us up. upper 60's close to 70 on sunday and monday. then it will get a little dusty a head of the next cold front and that system will be bringing rain. at the next 47, we will eventually climb into the mid 60's tomorrow. on sunday, mostly sunny. observing veterans day on monday. on tuesday, the cold front with the showers and clouds. another nice stretch of weather for the middle and end of next week. >> and now the toyot
circulation. you can see it wrapping around the new england states, but the snow bands and the coldest side of the storm but the main precip wrapping north of maryland, connecticut, new england, you got. it cold weather will continue to wrap in for us. close to freezing in the morning. watch out for slick spots, especially north and east. 32, mixed showers mainly from northeastern maryland. tomorrow 50 or so. 33 tomorrow night as we stay dry and chilly. the next couple of days we'll begin to chill out and warm things up. saturday 60. into your sunday 65. could we flirt with 70 into veteran's damon day. it's possible. that would be a nice treat, so get through tonight and things will improve. >> we deserve it. >> keep fleeterring, wink at monday. >>> let's continue our coverage of the water main break on north charles street. roosevelt leftwich and joce sterman covering it. i know we've been waiting on bge to finally shut things down. >> we're still in a holding pattern. city crews are getting ready do something. at this point, everybody, including bge, they just want to make sure they will
. sister company of the new england, pounding center is voluntarily recalling all of its medications. they say they have not received reports of negative reactions to products but is complying with the fda call. the new england a center has been linked to an national outbreak of a fumble meningitis that has so far killed 29 people and sickened more than 300 others. coming up next, your maryland lottery numbers. first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour. >> as if the people of cleveland at needed another reason to hate the ravens, they're going for the 10th straight victory over the browns this weekend. in a recent game with houston, ray rice only managed 32 rushing yards. coordinator knows that his unit needs solid communication for a win on sunday. >> it might be any combination. it could be in the passing game, protection, the running game. the best picture on the road that we are on the same page. -- we must make sure on the road that we are on the same page. >> and now your maryland lottery numbers. >> the maryland lottery celebrates purple friday all season lon
. and sphain has a differentization england with all due respect. people running aught of france because of the tax policies that are -- buying real estate in england excuse, i thought i was talking, i am sorry. and i think, i think that you can't confuse the twompt john is right. put housing policy in one thing and there is it a difference between residency and citizenship. and to buy a house and be a resident is a different thing than citizenship those rules are different in every nation. >> we'll take a break. we want to thank imogen. >> thank you for having me. >> one stock that keeps on climbing even if we fall off the fiscal cliff >> it is it time for what i need tonow for next week. . >> we talk about al gore and the carbon tax no one is buying into it not evenlet cia. we'll see if it is taxpayer money . >> they have other issues on their books wayne rockerings. >> you are looking for a steady stock. check out protective lights. i own it. >> like it and john what you got. >> grouchy marx. the death of apple is overexagerated. they have a great holiday season. >> they have sold a l
from the top. germany and england had common law for a while but by the 20th century both had more or less abandoned it, germany more so than england. by the end of world war ii when your unloaded, however unwillingly, its colonies, those colonies were themselves designed on principles of civil law. the first true colors taken together mean a christian protestant religion influenced and shaped everything about american foundation of laws and define a system of personal rights. wasn't just that the united states with a democratic republic but that the very premise of what democratic republic men were likely to be far different in the united states than anywhere else. the second -- third of the pillars involves economic freedom, private property rights, legal titles and deeds. and a free-market economy. save me -- these may seem synonymous but they are not. in many places of the world there's a semblance of a free economy at work but no system of title deeds to landor other property. this has two significant effect. first it means property ownership is never secure. you can never be
through northern new england. a couple of people have been tweeting and sending us beautiful pictures, the northern lights last night put on a beautiful show. vermont, new hampshire, maine got to see that. it's gone now, unfortunately. as far as today no concerns. looking like a nice day. but the middle of the country is warming up. so much of the nation will go into the quietest weather patterns we've seen in two or three weeks. temperatures are chilly everywhere as you'd expect getting into almost the beginning of the winter period and watching a couple weak area s of clouds. maybe a little shower activity from orlando to jacksonville. areas to the south there around charleston, savannah could get a little bit but everyone in new england bring the sunglasses if you're going to do driving and midwest looking at a sun and cloud mixture and temperatures warming up. anyone traveling to the west coast, some of the most beautiful weather in southern california with highs in the 80s. late yesterday i talked about the potential for another coastal storm in the mid-atlantic next week. i'll g
be up here 60 in kansas city. chicago near 50. and area on the east coast, new england is very cold this morning. but from about washington, d.c., through the southeast, looking for a really nice last day of november. can you believe that, lynn? last day of november. >> no, stop reminding me. >> your december weekend forecast a little later. >> the weekend forecast we'll take. >>> so is the adult mommy book "50 shades of grey" affecting what we're naming baby girls? >>> plus, consumer reports on the nation's best wireless carriers. is yours one of them? your first look at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it finds one, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now al
be historic for parts of new england. we're continuing to see very heavy snowfall falling anywhere from parts of the jersey shore through new york, connecticut and as far to the east as massachusetts. some may make it into portions of vermont and new hampshire during the day. now when we look at where the storm will likely be going, it appears that by 7:00 a.m. the snow should begin to slacken off in new jersey, also the new york city metropolitan area, really messy around boston but during the day the low will begin to lift out to the north and east and everything will begin to clear from the west to the east. so hopefully all the travel problems that are ensuing those will get better and the planes should be able to land and take off once again with more regularity once we get further into the day. i'm david bernard. >>> president obama is back at the white house this morning following his re-election victory on tuesday night. the pressure is on to forge an agreement with republicans. >> reporter: president obama and the first family returned to the white house wednesday evening, in his wor
a little to the northwest. it has been pounding new jersey, new york, most of new england with heavy snow. many locations in connecticut have had ten, 11, 12 inches of snow, wind-driven with 60-mile-an-hour winds, and now thankfully the snow has ended. eastern long island and up into new england, they're still getting bands of heavy snow, that stretches all the way up into maine and eastern canada. this storm system is looking like a hurricane spinning away here. here's nantucket. it's just south of nantucket in martha's vineyard. there's cape cod. it does look like it may be trying to track off to the north and northwest, which is going to keep new england in wind and rain and snow here throughout much of the rest of the day today. for us, thankfully, all we had late last night, early this morning had been some flurries and sprinkles, a little bit of sleet. just getting a few sprinkles southeast of washington, off to the west, western fairfax and loudoun county. we stayed above freezing and we will through the rest of the morning. we're in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees. rest of the
some form of civil law and which the law. germany and england had come them off for a while but by the 20 century, both have more or less abandoned it, germany more so than england. their further the end of world war ii, when europe unloaded, however unwillingly its colony, those colonies themselves to find and print process of the law. thus the first of pillars taken together means that a christian, protestant religion influence and shape everything about america's foundation of law and to find his summa arete. it wasn't just that the united states was a democratic republic, but that the very premise of a democratic republic meant were likely to be far different in the united states than anywhere else. the third in the pillars involves economic freedom. private property rights with legal titles indeed in a free-market economy. these may seem synonymous, but they are not. as hernando desoto pointed out in many places of the world is a semblance of a free economy at work, but there's no system of title deeds to land or their property. this has two significant effects. first i
down still bringing heavy rains to portions of new england. we'll still be dealing with the winds with it today. we'll get clearing skies later on today. better weather on the way for us. let's get to the numbers and i'll start with the cold temperatures not just here in washington but up and down the eastern seaboard. check out new york, 34 degrees, boston 34 and 20s out to the west. pittsburgh, 28 degrees this morning. binghamton, 27. plenty of cold air, big chunk of cold air across the mid- atlantic and new england. that helped with the winter weather we are seeing across the northeast. there it is, wrapping up east of new york out towards the cape and the islands out there. you can see on the back side of it, we are getting the cloud cover and a few leftover sprinkles locally. there might be a sprinkle or flurry here early. the trend will be to clear things out. we'll remain cool today. the highs only in the low 50s. there will be a bit of a breeze that will make things feel nice and chilly out there. we are headed in the right direction with sunshine. 53 your daytime high in
could dump as much as a foot of snow in new england. >>> here in washington, we missed the brunt of the storm. it affected travel. at reagan international, some people had to spend the night. megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: here at reagan national airport, things are getting back to normal. on the board, this flight to new york's laguardia is listed on time. down below, a flight to newark has been canceled. we have frustrated passengers here this morning. this comes a week after sandy blew through and reeked havoc on flight scheduled. there were the lucky, those able to fly out on time this morning. >> boarding time is 7:10. >> reporter: there were the unlucky. people who got stuck at reagan national, their flight scrapped due to the snow. richard spent the night in the terminal. >> tried to get a hotel. they had been booked or not responsive. it's tough. i slept there. many people sleft there. it's been interesting. >> reporter: the cancellations in and out of new york began before the weather became a problem on wednesday. things just started to get back to normal after sa
as bank of england governor mervyn king prepares to unveil his financial stakt reporbility. and the search is on on for the winners of the pow ball ticket as two tickets matched all the numbers in the $580 million drawing. we're getting a lot of green on the heat map and not a lot of red. sur enough, the stoxx 600 is up 0.8%. we can take a look in at the bourses and almost a mirror image of yesterday. ibex 35 adding 1.6%, cac 40 up more than 1%. the dax adding 0.8%. and we just got german unemployment figures. plus the foot city 100 up 0.8% this morning. so pretty much a strong session across the board. again, following what we saw in the u.s. yesterday. take a look at the bond wall here of course we have an italian auction coming up later and italy's ten year, below 4.5% this morning. so price rising. that yield falling. spain also benefiting. that yield down to 5.2%. bunds creeping back up to 1.4% level. let's key in on currency. the aussie dollar despite the broader risk-on attitude a weaker. dollar-yen moving higher 82.13. and the nikkei is adding to its string of gains throughout the
or mitigation of the evil that it occasions. is first published in england in 1798 and it was reprinted in the united states with a local edition by 18 three. yaffer his model not as mere scientific abstraction but rather as a concrete analysis of american geopolitics. viewing overpopulation is the main cause of famine and suffering melvin who was an anglican clergyman censured unrestrained reproduction is one of the main moral evils. he argued that the best way to restrict runaway population growth was for young men and women to delay marriage. that way, they spend a few more years celibate in a single state base for they started raising families and that would reduce the final number of children to any geek given married couple and diminish the overall average size of families in the country. the chief object of melvin's analysis was the rapidly expanding united states. taking a hard look at u.s. ambition to assert ever greater control over the continent of north america malcolm included quote, if america continues increasing, chad which she will certainly do, the indian will be drive
this week. which college-- the new england conservatory? no, they turned me down. it's the san francisco college of music. san francisco? that's right. san francisco, california. rebecca! but rebecca, this school is on the other side of the country. i know that, but if san francisco accepts me and gives me some financial aid, that's where i'm going. but you don't know a soul out there. yes, i do. my godmother lives out there. what, is she rich or something? she has such a big house. no, she's not rich, but she does have a room for me if i get accepted. you're really serious about this, aren't you? dead serious. ( knock at door ) come in. when do we eat? in five minutes. dinner's in the oven. dad's not eating. he went to bed. what's wrong? is he sick? no. he just said he was tired. so, did you hear anything about your applications? you know, to music school? i got three rejection letters. that's too bad. so, what're you going to do? i still have one last hope... a school in san francisco. san francisco... aw... rebecca: dad, what? are you o.k.? no! the red sox lost another game. dad, you
towards the americas. here in the northeast, a nor'easter now rushing off into the new england states and eventually off there to canada, bringing some fair weather behind it. actually, this morning if you're waking up in new york, you're seeing some better skies and sunny skies possibly, but there's a mess on the ground. all that wet snow sticking to the surfaces, that's going to be creating some very dangerous driving conditions out here with that wet, sticky snowmaking those roads rather slippery. definitely over oh the next several days driving across new england and new york and eastern pennsylvania, it's going to be a slow go, so slow down out there as that high pressure continues to move in. then we're looking at this low across ed idaho and northern montana, even southern portions of montana. look at the snowfall forecast, actually, up to 45 centimeters of snow is expected here and those dark areas in blue, even over towards california as that moisture runs onshore. it's going to be bringing some very deep snow pack. so for the skier, you're happy, but for everybody else, it's
, everyone. rain is moving through the eastern seaboard from the mid-atlantic up to new england. we will watch this light rain for your morning commute. it's not too hard, just a light showery-type rain. i don't expect a lot of airport problems. the big thing you will notice after the rain is done is how the temperatures are plummeting. 36 in boston. amazingly warm. look at what is on its way. 20 degrees colder in albany. the same thing is happening from pittsburgh to d.c. so temperatures will tumble on the chilly side. carry your jacket up in new england. as the rain moves out, this afternoon should be just fine. the rest of the country looks calm. i had my eye on the next possible rain and wind event for the eastern seaboard next week. >>> coming up, why rockefeller center is being besieged by tweens this morning. >> my fans. >> you're watching "first look." ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios tend to weigh
. anna nekaris, at one of the few zoos that keeps lorises. the paignton zoo in england. >> this is a species that's found in indo-china. the smallest slow loris. >> reporter: with the biggest eyes i've ever seen. >> it's nocturnal so it needs big eyes to see in the dark and it's shy at the moment. >> reporter: and you don't want me to say this is a super cute animal, do you? >> well, it obviously is very cute and being cute is its downfall. >> reporter: stick with us. we'll explain. bbc and animal planet followed the illusive obscure creatures into the jungles of indonesia with dr. nekaris as she studied them. they're not so cuddly in the wild. in fact, they're the only mammal on earth with a venom mouse bite. dr. nekaris learned that the hard way when one bit her. >> it is not pleasant. like a snake, it can decay and fester and the wound takes quite a long time to heal. >> reporter: it hurts. >> and it throbs, it can throb for days and days and they can bite straight through your fingernail and into the bone. >> reporter: villagers say a loris bite can kill. >> if he w
triggered flood watch warnings from northern new england and mid-atlantic states. winter storm warnings for central appalachians and flooding advisories across the lower great lakes. 74 people have been killed by the mega storm at one point. 60 million people were without power. it's fallen to 40 million people. and back up batteries and generate ors are failing knocking out one in five cell phone towers. here's a timeline video of how some 650,000 new yorkers lost power. the storm rolled in. you see the freedom tower on the right. night falls. the sub station explodes. lower manhattan is plunged into darkness. mayor bloomberg said could it be days before power is restored. >> reporter: good morning. i'm standing in front of the entrance to new york's fdr drive. this is one of the areas that remains flooded after the storm. down at the jersey shore the devastation is even worse. president obama visited new jersey to see firsthand the damage from superstorm sandy. the president and governor chris christie flew in marine one to see the devastation. president obama promised the government
us through some of the day's most important injuries. >> bob, the biggest one came in new england where tight end rob gronkowski suffered a broken forearm. he most definitely won't be available thursday night against the jets. it's unknown how long he will be out with that broken bone. in philadelphia, last week, it was quarterback mike vick with a concussion. this week star running back lesean mccoy suffered a concussion and won't be able to practice or play until he gets clearance from an independent neurologist. in denver, running back willis mcgahee who suffered a decade ago one of the most gruesome injuries in a college football game and has an injury to his right knee. i'm told that he believes that he will be fine. he may have an mri on monday to confirm that. bob? >> mike, thanks. tune into the all new pro football talk every weekend at 5:00 p.m. on the nbc sports north. network. catch "the dan patrick show" weekdays 9:00 a.m. to noon also on the nbc sports network. back to wrap things up with al and cris after this. . no. wendy's mozzarella chicken supreme. crisp chicken,
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